2016 In Review: My 10 Favorite TV Episodes of the Year

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s easy to be negative. Heck, it’s probably even reasonable to be negative. But for eternal optimists like me, who enjoy finding the bright side of life, looking back at the year that was represents a chance to find some good in that dumpster truck pileup of crap that was 2016. I want to find a metaphorical diamond in the roughly 30 gallons of despair, if you will.

Where do I look for good in a year of seemingly relentless bad? Where I always go when reality gets the better of me: TV, of course! Even as the world struggled around it, 2016 was actually a pretty fantastic year for TV. So now, in an attempt to look at the bright side of 2016, I present my annual list of favorite TV episodes from the year.

GROUND RULES: The episode must have originally aired in the United States during 2016, 1 episode is allowed per show, two-parters (EX: Finale Part 1/Finale Part 2) are counted as one.

DISCLAIMER: I am human, there’s no way for me to watch every episode of TV that came out this year. This isn’t a list of the definitive best episodes of TV released this year, or even the best shows, this is just one man’s opinion on what he liked most from the year in TV. So if your favorite show isn’t on here, that’s why. Unless that show is named The Big Bang Theory, in which case, you’re the worst and stop reading this now.

Now that we got that all cleared up, without further ado, I present my 10 favorite episodes of television from 2016.

Episodes are listed in no particular order.

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2016 in Review: How Pitch Beat the Odds and Became the Year’s Best New Show

Who doesn’t love a good sports movie?

They’re predictable, trite and cheesy as can be, but when everything clicks it’s hard to find a genre that can compete with sports films. An underdog team coming from nowhere to win the championship, the scrawny nobody challenging the undefeated belt-holder, a last second hail-mary to win it all. It doesn’t get much better than that, right? From Rocky to Hoosiers to Miracle to The Sandlot, some of the best movies of all time are corny, cheesy, predictable sports films.

As easy as the sports movie formula is to predict, it’s incredibly tricky one to replicate. Every sports movie is a small misstep away from having audiences rolling their eyes at the corny, cheesy, predictability of it all. More so than any other genre, sports films are often a zero sum game: Either the movie is great, or it’s a cringe inducing mess, with little-to-no in between.

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