2016 in Review: How Pitch Beat the Odds and Became the Year’s Best New Show

Who doesn’t love a good sports movie?

They’re predictable, trite and cheesy as can be, but when everything clicks it’s hard to find a genre that can compete with sports films. An underdog team coming from nowhere to win the championship, the scrawny nobody challenging the undefeated belt-holder, a last second hail-mary to win it all. It doesn’t get much better than that, right? From Rocky to Hoosiers to Miracle to The Sandlot, some of the best movies of all time are corny, cheesy, predictable sports films.

As easy as the sports movie formula is to predict, it’s incredibly tricky one to replicate. Every sports movie is a small misstep away from having audiences rolling their eyes at the corny, cheesy, predictability of it all. More so than any other genre, sports films are often a zero sum game: Either the movie is great, or it’s a cringe inducing mess, with little-to-no in between.

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Me+TV’s 2015 Fall TV Preview: Welcome Page

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Hello and Welcome to Me+TV’s second annual Fall TV Preview, where I offer my way-too-early take on every new show premiering on Network TV this fall (At least the shows they’ve released trailers for). To keep things simple, I’ll release one post for each network over the course of a week. I’ll give you my thoughts, and try to keep you entertained while I do it. And that’s it, really. It’s pretty simple.

If you think you’re ready, pick a network to start your Fall TV Preview Adventure.

Part 1: NBC

Part 2: FOX

Part 3: ABC

Part 4: CBS

Part 5: CW

Examining Empire: How FOX’s Lackluster Hip Hop Drama Became The Biggest Hit Of The TV Season

For the third straight week, FOX’s new hip hop drama Empire actually attracted more viewers than it did the week before, amassing an audience of 11.3 million people on Wednesday. In an era where shows are losing viewership every week, what Empire is doing is undoubtedly impressive. Even if you don’t like the show, it’s definitely important to examine what’s making it a success, and what that could mean for the future of TV. So I’m gonna give it my best shot, here we go!

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7 Bold Predictions For Television In 2015

With 2014 in our metaphorical rear view mirror, it’s time to look forward to what’s to come in 2015! Some things we know for sure, but almost everything about 2015 is a mystery right now. I tried to make some predictions about whats to come in 2015, most of which will probably not come true, but it’s fun to guess anyways! Keep reading, if you want a glimpse into the future (Cue amazing, mystical, sound effect).

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Pilot Talk: Why FOX’s Mulaney Failed To Meet Expectations

Last weekend, FOX premiered the first episode of it’s highly anticipated comedy Mulaney. The show was created by and stars comedian John Mulaney. I had really high hopes for the show, but based on what audiences saw Sunday night Mulaney failed to reach viewer’s expectations. I will now spend a strangely long time trying to figure out why. Let’s do this!

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Initial Reaction to FOX’s New Fall Shows

This week, the five major TV networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and the CW) will be releasing their fall TV schedules. For me, and the three or four other TV addicts like me, this means a bunch of new TV trailers to analyze and judge. It’s admittedly absurd to form opinions about a show based on two to five minute trailers, but screw it, let’s do it anyway!

To keep everything simple, I will write one post for each network’s upcoming slate. This post is about FOX, check back throughout the week for the others.

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