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For about a year of my life, I was lucky enough to be a writer on a show entitled Newsbreakers. The show followed a team of journalists on their mission to take a show from the laughing stock of the news industry into the realm of the legitimate. I started writing for the show in it’s second season, and was promoted to co-head writer midway through that year, and subsequently to solo head writer for the next year.

My season was basically a complete reboot of the show, meant for newcomers to join in on the story (So don’t worry about being lost). Unfortunately, most of what I wrote for the show will never see the light of day. For reasons outside of my control, the show was cancelled before the first episode finished production. But, as consolation, I decided to put the scripts online for all to read (that’s one of the benefits to having your own blog) so that the work done by myself and the many other people involved doesn’t go completely to waste.

Speaking of those people, as much I would like to take all the credit, a lot of what you are about to read is a combined effort of a lot of talented writers. So I just wanted to say thanks to all the awesome people listed at the bottom of this page that made up my writers room for their contributions (big or small) to the scripts you are about to read.

For more on my personal connection and story regarding Newsbreakers, click here for that, but otherwise please enjoy Newsbreakers Season 3!

EPISODE 1: “Newsbreakers 2.0”

EPISODE 2: “Personality Training” –  NOTE: This is the first completed draft of episode 2, and would’ve undergone significant edits before production started. Also the character of “Darryl” is a reworked version of episode 1’s “Jeff Jeffries” who had to be recast after the script was completed.


EPISODE 3: “The Channel 7 Incident” – After a rival station insults Newsbreakers on the air, Gabriel and Libby draft everyone into a top-secret revenge task force. To avoid participating in the task force, Sara and Charlie have a movie marathon.

EPISODE 4:  “The Party” – Gabriel is moving back to Canada, but is throwing one last party for the whole team before he goes. Libby is mad Gabriel didn’t ask her to move with him. The rest of the team plays a series of party games that gradually escalate in intensity.

THE END: Libby and Gabriel ride off into the sunset together. After finally kissing at Gabriel’s party, Sara and Charlie come into work the next day and find out that Sara is taking Libby’s place at the anchor desk, setting up and Anchorman-esque Season 4.


-John Martin

-Matthew Cesari

-Evan Burdett

-Maddy Gross

-John Capetanos

-Rachel Wingrat

-Ryan O’Rourke

-Steve Autore


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