How This Is Us Hooked Audiences In Season 1, And Why The Show Must Change Going Forward.

So a few weeks ago I came out of my room and it was pretty clear that I had been crying. One of my roommates, being the nice guy that he is, decided to ask me what was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a saint. He clearly weighed the pros and cons of posing a question beforehand. I’m not a very emotional person, outwardly at least, and it was 7:00 PM on a Thursday (Usually a time for sports, or dinner, or a combination of the two in our apartment). He probably decided that the situation was abnormal enough to merit venturing into dicey, possibly emotional waters. You could see the hesitation in his eyes as he asked “Everything okay?”

I wonder what he thought I was going to say; Maybe something about a girl who had just broken my heart, or a family member had passed away. Instead, all I said was, “This Is Us is so good, dude.”

I will treasure the memory of his exaggerated eye roll for the rest of my life.

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