Me+TV’s 2016 Fall TV Preview: FOX

Welcome to Me+TV’s 2016 Fall TV Preview! This page is about FOX’s new fall shows, if that is what you’re looking for, read on. If not, head back to the WELCOME PAGE or click the logo the network you’d like to read about instead.

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P R I S O N   B R E A K

I’m in the middle of my Prison Break binge now, so I’m not watching this trailer to avoid spoilers. But here you go.

T H E   E X O R C I S T

Quick! What’s it About? A group of twenty-somethings hang out… Just kidding, it’s called the Exorcist, it’s exactly what you think it is.

Whose Involved? Directed by Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and starring Alfonso Herrera (Sense8) and Geena Davis. 

When will it Air? Fridays at 9.

First Impression: I’m not a horror fan, so this one really isn’t for me. I will say, the production quality here is a lot better than I was expecting, and you have to give props to FOX for going full horror (Something of a rarity on Network TV). Some of the acting in the trailer is cringe-inducing, but in all fairness no one watches horror for the performances. For those who enjoy the genre, I guess The Exorcist could be worth a shot. Don’t get too attached though, this show has early cancellation written all over it

Will I Watch? Nope. 

2 4:   L E G A C Y

Quick! What’s it About? Its 24. No Jack Bauer. Same countdown clock.

Whose Involved? Original EP’s Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer return with a new star in Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton).

When will it Air? Midseason

First Impression: I’m not usually in favor of TV reboots, but I can get behind 24: Legacy. 24‘s premise was never exclusive to one character or story, in fact, it’s kinda crazy that it took FOX this long to do this. Legacy itself looks, if nothing else, solid. There’s nothing spectacular about the trailer, but there really doesn’t need to be. If you liked 24, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy Legacy. If you grew up too young to watch people get brutally tortured on TV during the original show’s run, here’s your shot to get in on the fun without watching all nine 24 hour seasons to catch up. 

Will I Watch? Yes

T H E   M I C K

Quick! What’s it About?  Let’s give the girl from Always Sunny some rich snobby kids to hang with.

Whose Involved? The Mick stars Always Sunny actress Kaitlin Olson and writers John Chernin and Dave Chernin

When will it Air? Midseason

First Impression: The Mick looks solid, if unremarkable. The show’s plot is pretty derivative, and given the originality of the rest of FOX’s comedy lineup this season, The Mick could have a hard time breaking out from the pack. The trailer has some definite positives (Hey there, Nat Faxon!), but a lot of it is bogged down in jokes and characters we’ve seen before. Given the time to grow, The Mick could become a solid sitcom, but in today’s crowded marketplace that is far from a sure thing

Will I Watch? If the reviews are good.

M A K I N G   H I S T O R Y

Quick! What’s it About? Adam Pally goes back to 1775 and meets a girl. He ends up screwing her and, inadvertently, the American Revolution. 

Whose Involved? The show stars Adam Pally (Happy Endings, The Mindy Project) and comes from Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie, The Jump Street Franchise)

When will it Air? Midseason

First Impression: I’m so on board for this one, guys. For starters, it’s about time scene stealer extraordinaire Adam Pally got his own show, and Making History looks like the perfect fit for him. The trailer is just the right amount of absurd, while the humor toes the line between stupid and clever with ease. Almost every joke landed, which is a rarity with comedy trailers. I can’t wait for this one!

Will I Watch? Absolutely

L E T H A L   W E A P O N

Quick! What’s it About? “I’m to old for this *censored*”

Whose Involved? The show stars Clayne Crawford, Daman Wayans Sr. and Jordana Brewster. The pilot was directed by McG (Chuck, This Means War).

When will it Air? Wednesdays at 8.

First Impression: Buddy Cop shows (And films for that matter) like this one hinge on the chemistry between the two leads. For 99% of the trailer, Lethal Weapon looked like a derivative remake of a beloved franchise destined to meet the same end as CBS’s ill-fated Rush Hour did earlier this year (Remember that show? Yeah, me neither). But the scene towards the end of the trailer had a small glimpse of some potential chemistry between the leads, and more importantly, a reason to not immediately dismiss this show off-hand.

Will I Watch? Unless I’m very bored, or the reviews are extraordinary, probably not. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing takes off next season (NEVER bet against a proven formula)


Quick! What’s it About? A show about a Cop App, or Capp, if you will. 

Whose Involved? From director Len Wiseman (Underworld) and stars Justin Kirk, Natalie Martinez and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters).

When will it Air? Midseason

First Impression: Well hey! This looks kinda fun! There’s nothing groundbreaking or too crazy here, but this trailer does a really solid job of selling you on the show anyway. Procedurals with a twist used to be FOX’s bread and butter (House, Bones, Lie To Me, etc), and it’s kinda nice to see a return to the formula. Plus, I have a pretty big hunch there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. (Especially with the unsolved case from the beginning.) APB‘s probably not going to end up on anyone’s Top 10 lists, but it could be a solid, entertaining, mystery/procedural to fill the hole Person Of Interest leaves behind.

Will I Watch? Screw it, I’m in for at least an episode or two.


Quick! What’s it About? Empire, with a twist of Dreamgirls.

Whose Involved? Queen Latifa, Benjamin Bratt, and Lenny Kravitz lead producer and director Lee Daniels’ stacked cast. Also fun fact, the show is produced by Project Greenlight‘s Effie Brown.

When will it Air? Midseason

First Impression: I wrote extensively on Empire back when it first hit the scene, and this looks like the same thing, for better or worse. If you like Empire, you’ll probably want to check out Star. If you don’t like Empire, I highly doubt Star is for you.

Will I Watch? Nope

S O N   O F   Z O R N

Quick! What’s it About? Uhhhhhhhh, Just watch the trailer. I got nothing here.

Whose Involved? This, obviously, comes from the minds of Chris Lord and Phil Miller (The LEGO Movie) and features the voice of Jason Sudeikis and the body/voice of Tim Meadows.

When will it Air? Sundays at 8:30

First Impression: Where to even begin with Son Of Zorn? Well first off, the trailer is just plain funny, and Sudeikis absolutely nails every one of his lines. The premise is absurd, but if executed well, ripe for potential stories. The biggest test for Son Of Zorn comes once the magic and absurdity of its premise wares off: is there enough here to make a good show. Not to get too deep into it, but Last Man On Earth struggled mightily converting its premise into a sustainable show. I hope Son Of Zorn doesn’t go through similar growing pains.

Will I Watch? Yes


Quick! What’s it About? A Baseball team recruits a female pitcher, and the whole world loses their mind.

Whose Involved? Pitch comes from EP Dan Fogleman (Galavant, other things that aren’t Galavant) and stars  Kylie Bunbury (Under The Dome) and Ali Larter (Heroes).

When will it Air? Thursdays at 9

First Impression: As a male with emotions, I love sports movies, like a lot. As excruciatingly boring it is in real life, it’s hard to believe that Baseball is far and away the most cinematicly successful sport of all time, aside from Boxing. Every sport has a handful of tried and true classics*, but Baseball has a full roster (Sandlot, Angels In the Outfield, A League Of Their Own, 42, Moneyball, Major League, Field Of Dreams, etc…). Pitch, though probably a long-shot to join those ranks, or even a TV equivalent such as Friday Night Lights, looks like a worthwhile entry to the genre.  Cliched, trite and predictable? Sure, but all good sports films are!

Will I Watch? I’ll give this one a shot!

*The best movies for each sport:

Basketball: Hoosiers, Space Jam, Coach Carter, He Got Game, White Men Can’t Jump, Semi Pro, Like Mike.

Hockey: Miracle, The Mighty Ducks, Goon

Soccer: Bend It Like Beckham, Kicking And Screaming, Shoalin Soccer 

Football: We Are Marshall, Rudy, Friday Night Lights, The Blind Side, Jerry Maguire, Remember The Titans.

Also shout out to The Greatest Game Ever Played, for being a pretty great movie about Golf.  

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