Me+TV’s 2016 Fall TV Preview: CBS

Welcome to Me+TV’s 2016 Fall TV Preview! This page is about CBS’s new fall shows, if that is what you’re looking for, read on. If not, head back to the WELCOME PAGE or click the logo the network you’d like to read about instead.

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Quick! What’s it About? “Mac is Back!” – CBS. “Finally!” – Your Grandparents

Whose Involved? Lucas Till (X Men: First Class) stars as Mac Jr. in the reboot that comes from producer Lee Zlotoff (The OG MacGyver) and James Wan (Furious 7)

When will it Air? Fridays at 8

First Impression: MacGyver looks kinda fun, in a Scorpion kind of way. Just the right amount of campy blockbuster absurdity mixed with intelligent sounding jargon to make for a fast paced entertaining piece of mindless escapism. Is there a good show in here? Probably. Will it entertain you until your plane flight lands? Absolutely!

Will I Watch? If there wasn’t so much good TV on, maybe, but I can’t see myself prioritizing MacGyver over the countless other shows on my TV list.

M A N   W I T H   A   P L A N

Quick! What’s it About? Matt LeBlanc plays a stay at home father in the funniest comedy of 2002.

Whose Involved? Matt LeBlanc (Friends) stars in this throwback comedy from sitcom royalty aka director James Burrows (Friends, Cheers).

When will it Air? Monday at 8:30

First Impression: Like I said above, the best way to describe Man With A Plan, is to call it “the best sitcom of 2002.” If this show was released right after LeBlanc finished up Friends, it would’ve been one of the most anticipated premieres of the season. But now, in TV’s highly competitive comedy landscape the show just feels dated. LeBlanc is still razor sharp and uber-charismatic, but he can’t rise above the lackluster material Man With A Plan is giving him.

Will I Watch? Nope

T H E   G R E A T   I N D O O R S

Quick! What’s it About? Outdoorsman Joel McHale comes back from a dangerous expedition only to discover a new species waiting for him at home: Millennials. 

Whose Involved? The excellent cast features Joel McHale (Community), Stephen Fry (This, you should watch this), and McLovin‘ (Christopher Mintz-Plasse)

When will it Air? Thursdays at 8:30

First Impression: A multi-camera sitcom on CBS that feels…fresh and new? What a time to be alive! Now, I really liked this trailer, and not just because I think Joel McHale is one of the best TV comedy actors around (Although that certainly doesn’t hurt). The jokes here start somewhat stale, but then grew into well-constructed and executed mutli-cam jokes. Three separate jokes got big laughs from me here that I want to highlight:

  1. “What do you do when a bear attacks?” “You die”
  2. “We got that trophy cause we tried really hard” “So did the team that won! Trophies are for winners” “Ew”
  3. “I brought a bear into the office and it ate Esther’s support animal”

Are millennials an easy target? Yes. Is this still a formulaic CBS sitcom? Of course. Did this trailer make me laugh? Multiple times, and for now that’s what’s important.

Will I Watch? I’m on board, but am fully prepared for this to get cancelled while Kevin Can’t Wait goes another 40 seasons.

T R A I N I N G   D A Y

Quick! What’s it About? A TV reboot of the Denzel classic, but oh boy…

Whose Involved? EP’s Jerry Bruckhiemer and Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, the movie), and stars Bill Paxton (Independence Day), Katrina Law (Arrow) and Justin Cornwell (Absolutely nothing you’ve heard of)

When will it Air? Midseason

First Impression: This is the 2016 TV train wreck I can’t wait to see unfold. There’s so much that can go wrong here it’s unbelievable. First off, trying to make a show about police brutality, race relations, and bending the law without offending the key CBS demo (old white people) is a fool’s errand. But trying to do it within a show that features a frankly ridiculous amount of firearms and what looks to be more than a few high-octane blockbuster action scenes that will consistently undermine any point the show is trying to make, is even worse. If there aren’t ten to five hundred thinkpieces online the day after this show comes out I’ll be dumbfounded.

Will I Watch? No chance in hell.

P U R E   G E N I U S

Quick! What’s it About? Save the world, one gadget at a time.

Whose Involved? Dermot Mulroney, Augustus Prew, and Brenda Song star in the series from EP Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights)

When will it Air? Thursdays at 10

First Impression:  In one form or another wish fulfillment has always been a fundamental element of storytelling, and Pure Genius wears that mantle on its sleeve. For the millions who’ve struggled in some way or another with the health care system, Pure Genius offers an inspirational and uplifting “what if?” that I don’t feel comfortable or see any justice in knocking (That’s why I’m waiving the “Will I Watch” Section here). It’s a commendable and unique thesis for a show, and one that will be very interesting to see play out.

K E V I N  C A N ‘ T   W A I T

Quick! What’s it About? Kevin James said he ate two of the Hamburgers, but he actually ate all four! Comedy!

Whose Involved? Kevin James, His way-too-hot-for-him wife, and those little darn kids of his.

When will it Air? Mondays at 8:30

First Impression: This looks better than I thought it would, and by that I mean it isn’t the worst thing ever. Its still by no means anywhere near good, or even funny, but who am I kidding a bunch of people will watch this one and it’ll make me really angry. On the plus side, anyone know if that “Bowl That Never Spills” is actually real?

Will I Watch? As a form of punishment, maybe. 


Quick! What’s it About? Remember Mind Games? Cause we sure hope you don’t!

Whose Involved? Bull stars Michael Weatherly (NCIS), Chris Jackson (Hamilton: An American Musical) and Jamie Lee Kirchner (Mercy). Steven Spielberg Executive Produces. 

When will it Air? Tuesdays at 9

First Impression: Putting aside the fact that the show is laughably obvious rip off of Mind Games, a show the bombed spectacularly in 2012, Bull‘s biggest problem is that it just looks boring. The trailer, which basically serves as a mini episode, barely kept my attention (It’s only four minutes long, but felt more like 15). In fact, I spent most of the time trying to remember if a TV show about jury deliberations, where each episode is just a different group of people debating evidence from a case 12 Angry Men style, existed. I couldn’t think of one, which seems odd, but given how tricky each episode would be to write and cast, there’s probably a reason for that. One last point on Bull though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the show catches on with CBS’s audience, but that’s really the highest compliment I can give it.

Will I Watch? No.


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