Me+TV’s 2015 Fall TV Preview Part 4: CBS

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Quick! What’s it About?: “What if we made that SNL Black Widow parody trailer a real TV show?”

Whose Involved?: Supergirl comes from mega producer Greg Berlanti and creator Andrew Kreisberg, the team behind CW superhero hits The Flash and Arrow. The show stars Melissa Benoist (Whiplash), Laura Benanti (Go On) and Dean Cain (The Adventures Of Superman)

When will it Air?: Mondays at 8 starting in November

Will I Watch?: At certain points in this trailer, it’s hard to even believe that Supergirl is a real show. I mean, did these people even see that hilarious SNL skit about female superhero movies? Because if they did, they missed the point entirely. This show just looks plain awful, and honestly a little insulting that this is what TV’s only female driven superhero looks like. I wanted to have faith in Supergirl especially because producer Greg Berlanti has delivered some spectacular superhero shows on CW (Arrow, The Flash), but this one has cancelled in 5 episodes written all over it. The only way I’d watch Supergirl, is if Barry Allen and Oliver Queen show up in some sort of crossover, and even then it’s not a sure thing.


Quick! What’s it About?: What every college kid thinks adderall will do to them, The Movie”: The TV show

Whose Involved?: Limitless stars Jake McDormand (Greek), Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter), and occasional guest appearances by Bradley Cooper (The Hangover). The pilot was directed by Marc Webb (500 Days Of Summer) and written by Craig Sweeny (Elementary)

When will it Air?: Tuesdays at 10:00

Will I Watch?: I’m fan of the original film version of Limitless, the premise is far fetched, but pretty fascinating, plus Bradley Cooper turned in a pretty fantastic performance in the movie as well. His brief appearances in the trailer is what gives me hope about Limitless: The Show. The trailer was well cut, and Cooper bouncing around on the outskirts of the show’s storyline is enough to get me to tune in for at least the premiere. A Mega-movie star like Cooper isn’t going to commit himself to a recurring TV role if the show’s complete garbage, right? Look, there’s really no good reason for this show to exist, but since it does, at least they’re trying to do it right.

Side Note:

Hey, TV Producers: If you’re going to make a TV Show adaptation of a recent movie, why would you do any movie before you tried to do Source Code? It’s an amazing movie, and the premise lends itself amazingly to a TV Show. Seriously, someone make this show. I would watch every episode.


Quick! What’s it About?: The show where Lius Gusman tells you he’s your Mamma, and is completely serious while doing it.

Whose Involved?: Code Black stars Marcia Gay Hayden (The Newsroom), Luis Gusman (Boogie Nights), and Kevin Dunn (Transformers).

When will it Air?: Wednesdays at 10:00

Will I Watch?: If Luis Gusman tells me he’s “Mamma” and sings Holding Out For A Hero, and I still get bored during your trailer, that’s probably not a good sign for a show. It could be that I generally am not that big a fan of medical shows, or it could be that Code Black has the longest trailer I’ve ever seen in my life, but I got seriously bored a couple minutes in. For those who like a well-made medical show, Code Black should certainly be something to keep an eye on, but I don’t know how I could sit through a whole hour if I got bored during the trailer.


Quick! What’s it About?: Jane Lynch is awesome, the TV show.

Whose Involved?: Angel From Hell stars Maggie Lawson (Psych) and Jane Lynch (Glee). The show was created by Tad Quill (Bent).

When will it Air?: Thursdays ay 9:30

Will I Watch?: God, Jane Lynch is funny. After 6 years stuck in High School on Glee, I forgot just how funny she can be. Jane Lynch elevates what should be a contrived and uninteresting show into a charming, offbeat comedy that looks pretty hilarious. Maggie Lawson proved she’s an excellent straight man after years of putting up with Shawn and Gus on Psych, and she seems right at home here. I don’t know if Angel From Hell becomes a hit, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be funny either way. On a semi-related note: Is there anyone in Hollywood who needs a new agent more than that guy who played Roy on The Office? I literally have never seen him play anyone except for the boyfriend I’m supposed to hate. He should seriously branch out a little.


Quick! What’s it About?: What if we took 4 Modern Family episodes and crammed them into 1?

Whose Involved?: From director Jason Winer (Modern Family), and creator Justin Adler (Samantha Who?) Life In Pieces stars James Brolin (Catch Me If You Can), Colin Hanks (King Kong), Thomas Sadoski (The Newsroom), and Zoe Lister Jones (Salt)

When will it Air?: Mondays at 8:30

Will I Watch?: Life In Pieces has a killer cast, a solid premise, and a couple of decent laughs in the trailer, but for me it just seems like Modern Family-lite. I could be completely misreading this, but for my money you are probably better off watching a Modern Family repeat than Life In Pieces. On paper, Life In Pieces could be great but the trailer did little to convincing me that it’s anything but a well-cast Modern Family rip-off.



Limitless, Angel From Hell


Life in Pieces


Supergirl, Code Black

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