7 Bold Predictions For Television In 2015

With 2014 in our metaphorical rear view mirror, it’s time to look forward to what’s to come in 2015! Some things we know for sure, but almost everything about 2015 is a mystery right now. I tried to make some predictions about whats to come in 2015, most of which will probably not come true, but it’s fun to guess anyways! Keep reading, if you want a glimpse into the future (Cue amazing, mystical, sound effect).


1. A COMMUNITY Movie Will Be Greenlit, and Gearing Up For Production.

Community will have a lot momentum after finishing its 6th season on Yahoo, but with a lot of the cast already signed on to other TV projects, making another season of the show unlikely. Instead, I think the plan is to follow up Season 6 with a feature length Community Movie, something teased for years by everyone involved with the show. The green light shouldn’t be as difficult for Community as it has been for other cult shows, now that NBC doesn’t own the rights. Also, the show’s ability to perform online will have already been tested by Season 6. Yahoo could put up the money for the movie, especially if Season 6 is a success. And if not, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix could easily take it’s place.


Anthony and Joe Russo will direct the Community movie after they finish production on Captain America: Civil War. The entire original cast will appear, with Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown returning to starring roles and Chevy Chase contributing a cameo. Other Cameos will include the returns of John Oliver, LeVar Burton, Jonathan Banks, and Nathan Fillion respectively.

AD Ban

2. We Will See New ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Content.

Creator Mitch Hurwitz and producer/narrator Ron Howard have already teased the re-cut Season 4 (See Tweets Below), which will put the events into chronological order. Though we’re being cautioned that this is mostly to help sell future seasons to Netflix or other distributors, it’s hard to imagine the new version not seeing the light of day. I also wouldn’t bet against a new season or movie version of the show starting production next year, but I don’t think it’ll be ready in time to be distributed then.


3. HBO’s WESTWORLD Will Be The Next Pop-Culture Phenomenon.

Jonathan Nolan (Brother of Christopher) has already created one excellent science fiction TV show in Person Of Interest, and his next effort Westworld could be the next Game Of Thrones, Walking Dead style pop culture phenomenon.

The show, set in a futuristic amusement park, has a loaded cast including Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale), Anthony Hopkins (Silence Of The Lambs), Ed Harris (The Truman Show), and James Marsden (The X Men Franchise) to name a few. Oh, and the project also comes from JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot production banner. Yeah, Westworld has more talent behind it than it probably even knows what to do with. If Westworld hits the mark, which the talent involved is very capable of doing, HBO could easily have it’s next Game Of Thrones level hit, and you could have the next show that you can’t stop talking about.


4. Kenan Thompson Will Leave SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE; Get His Own Show.

Thompson has been a staple on SNL for what seems like forever now and is the last of the ‘Samberg-Sudeikis-Wiig-Hader’ generation (The SSWHG, for short) left on the show. The new cast is finally settling in and finding its voice, and Thompson is certainly overdue for his exit. Thompson’s exit will mark the end of the transition era for SNL, and give more screentime to some of the other performers.

My guess is that Thompson gets his own sitcom, maybe even on comedy-deprived NBC, and exits the late night sketch show after this season. I could see Thompson leading his own show, but I think he would really shine as a Ron Swanson/Tom Haverford type weirdo supporting character on a Parks And Recreation-esque show.

Before all of that though, He will exit with an extravagant 10-15 minute rendition of “What’s Up With That?” and it will be absolutely incredible. In a dream world, his exit includes a visit from childhood costar Kel Mitchell and someone says “Welcome to Good Burger” at some point, but that’s wishful thinking considering no one knows what Kel Mitchell is even doing with his life now.

black mirror

5. Everyone Will Be Talking About BLACK MIRROR

Black Mirror is amazing, everyone should watch it. It’s jaw dropping television that not only entertains the viewer but provokes them to examine the world we live in today. If you haven’t check it out, do it. Because everyone will be talking about it for the foreseeable future.

Mirror is one of those shows that sticks with you after you finish watching. It’s a show that inspires countless conversations. The show has been airing in England for a couple of years, but the first two seasons landed on Netflix in December, and are now starting to build momentum. Everyone from Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn, to comedians Mike Birbiglia and Conan O’Brian have been talking about the show…

While some stars have gone even further: Robert Downey Jr. has optioned the show’s third episode “An Entire History Of You” for a future film and Jon Hamm actually went so far as to star in the show’s Christmas Episode. Black Mirror is looking like it could become pop culture phenomenon, and 2015 will be the year it happens.

Basically what I’m saying is: Watch this show, if you want to be ahead of the curve and be the first one of your friends to discover the next big thing.


6. NBC’s UNDATEABLE Will Become A Hit.

Undateable started off the epitome of average during it’s debut last summer, but once the show found it’s rhythm, it became one of the most likeable, fun, comedies on the air. A quick intro to Undateable for those of you who didn’t watch: Imagine a Friends or Cheers episode where the actors only got the scripts like 10 minutes before the show was recorded, that’s essentially what Undateable feels like. The show is probably the furthest thing from groundbreaking, but it’s an unendingly charming series that will almost certainly win you over, even if it has to do slow motion cheering set to Katy Perry songs to do it.

Yes, that actually happened on the show.

And Yes, It lasted well over 30 seconds.

And Yes, It was amazing.

Here’s a small taste:

Undateable will air Tuesdays after The Voice this spring, and with that huge lead in and the show’s effortless charm, I wouldn’t be surprised if Undateable became a huge success in 2015. I’m not talking Big Bang Theory or Modern Family-type numbers, but something along the lines of a 2 Broke Girls or Brooklyn Nine Nine. A hit show that will stick around for a while. Not bad for a show that was supposed to be burned off during the heart of summer.

last man

7. THE LAST MAN ON EARTH Will Be Amazing.

Great Cast? Yes. (SNL’s Will Forte leads the show. 30 Rock’s Kristen Schaal and Mad Men’s January Jones are among the supporting cast.)

Great Directors? You Bet! (Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, better known as the minds behind The Lego Movie, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, and both Jump Street movies)

Creative and Original Premise? Check.

Amazing Trailer? Of Course.

Yeah. This show is already amazing and it hasn’t even aired yet.

7 BONUS PREDICTIONS (Because I just couldn’t help it!)

1. Key & Peele will end it’s run with Season 5. The pair will continue to work together on various movie projects.


2. American Idol will be renewed for one final Season, original judges Randy, Paula and Simon all return for the show’s farewell run.


3. FOX Comedies The Mindy Project, New Girl, and Brooklyn Nine Nine will all avoid cancellation, but barely.


4. At least 1 new late night talk show will be cancelled (Possible Candidates: The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, James Corden’s Untitled Late Late Show, Stephen Colbert’s Untitled Late Show, Late Night With Seth Meyers).


5. A total of 3 different shows will be saved from cancellation by an online distributor like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon (Possible Candidates, if cancelled: A to ZNew Girl, The Mindy Project, The Last Man On Earth, Fresh Off The Boat, Galavant, Undateable, Sleepy Hollow, Nashville, About A Boy, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, Agent Carter, Person Of Interest, Hannibal)


6. NBC’s Heroes Reboot will be surprisingly good, though still nowhere show’s incredible 1st Season.


7. Colin Jost will leave SNL’s Weekend Update; Either John Mulaney or Cecily Strong will replace him and join Michael Che at the desk.

What do you think is in store for 2015? If you’re still reading at this point, be sure to let me know, because most people probably didn’t make it past Arrested Development!

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