Initial Reaction To CBS’s New Fall Shows

This week, the five major TV networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and the CW) will be releasing their fall TV schedules. For me, and the three or four other TV addicts like me, this means a bunch of new TV trailers to analyze and judge. It’s admittedly absurd to form opinions about a show based on two to five minute trailers, but screw it, let’s do it anyway!

To keep everything simple, I will write one post for each network’s upcoming slate. This post is about CBS, check back throughout the week for the others.


Describe the show in 1 SentenceThe West Wing, with less walking and talking and more intense stare downs.

Whose Involved: Teá Leoni (Tower Heist), Tim Daly (Private Practice) and Željko Ivanek (The Event) star in the political drama. The show is created by Barbara Hall (Homeland) and is executive produced by Morgan Freeman.

When’s it on: Sundays at 8:00

My Reaction: I’m a huge West Wing fan, so the similarities between Madam Secretary and the Aaron Sorkin penned series are definitely intriguing, but the trailer did nothing for me. From this first look, the best word I could use to describe Madam Secretary is ‘eh’. There’s definitely worse shows on the air, but there are also a lot of better ones as well. If it gets good reviews I might check it out, but this initial trailer did not impress me.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: Let’s put every sitcom stereotype into one show.

Whose Involved: Created by Brian Gallivan (Happy Endings) and directed by Fred Savage (2 Broke Girls, The Wonder Years), The show stars New Kids On the Block’s Joey McIntyre (The Heat), Tyler Ritter (Grey’s Anatomy) and Jack McGee (Moneyball).

When’s it on: Thursdays at 9:30

My Reaction: It’s just so unfunny. I didn’t laugh at all during the trailer and I don’t think the show could get any better if it was extended to an entire episode. If you like other CBS sitcoms like The Millers or Two and a Half Men this might be fun for you, but I can’t imagine sitting through a half hour with the McCarthys. By the way, is there a record for sitcom stereotypes hit in one episode? Cause The McCarthys might break it.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: The show made for USA Network’s memorial day Marathons.

Whose Involved: The NCIS-spinoff stars TV vet Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap), Paige Turco (Person Of Interest), and CCH Pounder (Avatar).

When’s it on: Tuesdays at 9:00

My Reaction: I’ve Never watched NCIS, never watched NCIS: LA, Don’t plan on watching NCIS: New Orleans either.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: Why don’t we just put all the smart people in one room and let them solve all of our problems?

Whose Involved: Scorpion stars Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), Katherine McPhee (Smash, American Idol) and Elyes Gabel (World War Z). The pilot was written by  Nick Santora (Lie To Me, Prison break) and directed by Justin Lin (Fast Five, Community).

When’s it on: Mondays at 9:00

My Reaction: Though the premise is admittedly kinda stupid (Ironic for a show about geniuses), the trailer is very well made and I’ll admit I am curious to see more. I don’t think that Scorpion will ever end up winning any awards, but I could see it being a fun hour of television. The show I keep coming back to is Lie To Me, which was a well made procedural with enough of a twist in it’s core premise that it stayed interesting. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out of the reviews of Scorpion this fall.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: Stalking someone is messed up. 

Whose Involved: Stalker stars Maggie Q (Nikita) and Dylan McDermott (The Practice). The pilot was written by Kevin Williamson (The Following) and directed by Liz Friedlander (Sleepy Hallow)

When’s it on: Wednesdays at 10:00

My Reaction: Stalker looks well made, and the actors seem to be giving it their all, but the premise just doesn’t get me interested at all. Again, it fits right in the procedural mold that CBS loves so much: Its got the two leads with very different views on crime solving, each with a terrible and mysterious backstory, its got the undeniably bad villains, and everything else we’ve gotten used to on CBS (Minus Person Of Interest). If you enjoy other CBS crime shows like Elementary and Criminal Minds, you may want to check out Stalker. I, on the other hand, will not.


Nothing very good here, Scorpion could be decent but the rest of these shows are not very impressive. It just looks like typical CBS, run of the mill, procedurals and terrible multi-camera comedies that for some reason will become insanely popular and run for eight seasons. I’d say that CBS has had the worst looking new shows out of the big four networks. Notably absent from their new shows is HIMYM spinoff How I Met Your Dad, which is probably for the better. A spinoff never seemed like a good idea to me, especially with all the backlash caused by the controversial finale.

That’s it for network previews. I’ll be back to my normally scheduled rants about TV and pop culture very soon. Thanks For Reading.




Scorpion, Madam Secretary


NCIS: New Orleans, The McCarthys, Stalker







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