Initial Reaction to FOX’s New Fall Shows

This week, the five major TV networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and the CW) will be releasing their fall TV schedules. For me, and the three or four other TV addicts like me, this means a bunch of new TV trailers to analyze and judge. It’s admittedly absurd to form opinions about a show based on two to five minute trailers, but screw it, let’s do it anyway!

To keep everything simple, I will write one post for each network’s upcoming slate. This post is about FOX, check back throughout the week for the others.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: The show that will explore what Gotham City was like when Batman was 12.

Whose Involved: Gotham stars Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

When’s it on: Mondays at 8:00

My Reaction: Gotham looks good, plain and simple. This show could definitely be something special. Ben McKenzie has a serious chance at being the breakout star of the fall, the show’s visuals look just as impressive as those of a large scale blockbuster. I, and I’m guessing many others, will definitely be tuning in for this one next fall. Let’s just all hope Gotham succeeds where MARVEL’s Agents of Shield failed last season.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: Broadchurch with American Accents.

Whose Involved: The adaptation of the British series Broadchurch stars David Tennent (Dr. Who), Michael Pena (End Of Watch) and Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad).

When’s it on: Thursdays at 9:00

My Reaction: I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Broadchurch, and this series looks seriously good. While it might not be necessary for the US to remake the british show, this premiere trailer is very engaging and leaves the viewer wanting more. For fans of the British series, Gracepoint will change endings, so that you can enjoy the show as well.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: What if Louie had a laugh track, more cast members and wasn’t depressing?

Whose Involved: This is undoubtedly John Mulaney’s show. He created, stars and helps run the show himself. The supporting cast includes former SNL stars Nasim Pedrad and Martin Short.

When’s it on: Sundays at 9:30

My ReactionI’ve been looking forward to Mulaney for quite awhile, ever since I saw Mulaney’s fantastic stand up special New In Town. This trailer didn’t do anything to lower my expectations, but it didn’t raise them either. Mulaney’s stand up is easily the funniest part of the trailer, and some of the clips do work really well (Particularly the gunshot joke). Other parts of the trailer felt like typical sitcom jokes, nothing bad, but nothing everyone hasn’t laughed at before. That being said, I laughed a lot during the trailer and I am still eagerly anticipating Mulaney and I’d be shocked if it doesn’t become a hit next fall.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: Dwight Shrute: Assistant to the Regional Police Commissioner.

Whose Involved: The show stars Rainn Wilson (The Office) and Dennis Haysbert (24).

When’s it on: Midseason

My Reaction: I wasn’t expecting much, but this trailer really impressed me. Rainn Wilson looks to be having the time of his life, and this show feels right at home on FOX (The network previously aired similar shows with crazy but brilliant lead characters like House and Lie To Me). It’s definitely not going to win any awards, but Backstrom could be a fun show if the trailer is any indication.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: What if Nashville was about hip hop?

Whose Involved: The show stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson and is written, directed, and produced by Lee Daniels (The Butler).

When’s it on: Midseason

My ReactionI’ll give props to FOX for trying something new, but this trailer did not get me at all excited about this series. There’s potential, but it looks too soap opera-esque for my taste. If Nashville has lasted three seasons, I see no reason why Empire can’t find a similar audience. But since I don’t watch Nashville, I really doubt I’ll watch this.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: Lord Of the Flies meets The Truman Show, only real.

Whose Involved: “Real” people.

When’s it on: Tuesdays at 8:00

My Reaction: Could be kinda cool, if you’re into reality TV, but this just really isn’t my type of show. That being said, the last 30 seconds of the trailer has to be a Truman Show reference, right? That movie was all I could think about.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: Game Of Thrones minus the nudity, violence, curse words, and source material.

Whose Involved: The show comes from creator Travis Beacham, and stars no one you’ve ever heard of.

When’s it on: Midseason

My Reaction: Look, I love Game Of Thrones. But Hieroglyph just looks like a blatant attempt to capture the Thrones audience during their time away from the Seven Kingdoms. Judging from the trailer, I’d say you’d be better off rewatching Thrones instead of starting Hieroglyph.


Describe the show in 1 Sentence: Ever wondered if a show could jump the shark during it’s trailer?

Whose Involved: Wayward Pines comes “From the mind of” M. Knight Shamalamadingdong and stars Matt Dillon and every person you’ve seen before in a movie, but can’t quite remember their name.

When’s it on: Midseason

My Reaction: What the heck just happened? I’m so confused. For mystery fans, Wayward Pines could be an interesting show to look out for, but I was just so confused I can’t imagine watching the whole hour long show. How many twists can you really cram into one 4 minute video? Off topic, when are the going to learn to keep M. Knight’s name off trailers? It seems that it makes people not want to see the movie. Just a thought. Anyway, this show looks certifiably insane, and not in a good way.



Describe the show in 1 SentenceI am Legend, but a TV comedy.

Whose Involved: Last Man on Earth stars Will Forte, and the pilot was directed by Phil Lloyd and Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie, 21 Jump Street, Brooklyn Nine Nine)

When’s it on: Midseason

My Reaction: This looks really, really good. I have no idea how this kind of story could possibly be sustained for a whole TV season, but I will definitely tune in to find out.


FOX Brought it this year. Almost all the trailers do a really good job of selling the show, and the shows themselves look interesting and different enough to stand apart from the rest of the shows premiering. Will the risk pay off? I honestly couldn’t tell you. What I will say is that FOX definitely impressed me. More of this, please!


Mulaney, Gotham, Last Man On Earth, Gracepoint, Backstrom




Wayward Pines, Heiroglyph, Utopia








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