6 Outside The Box Ideas For Replacing The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert made headlines recently when he was named as the next host of CBS’s The Late Show, currently hosted by David Letterman. Personally, I love The Colbert Report, and I am sad to see him leave his hilarious stage persona behind. If you want to read more about that, check out this AV Club article. But today I’m focusing on filling the time slot vacated by The Colbert Report. The most likely scenario is a Daily Show Correspondent taking over (I’d bet on either Jason Jones or Aasif Mandvi). After all, thats how Colbert started. But, just in case Comedy Central decides to go in another direction, I have six great, but unlikely ideas about who should take over 11:30. Hit the jump to find out.

1. Kyle Mooney And Beck Bennett

Mooney and Bennett have arguably the most unique voice on prime time TV, and bringing that from SNL to Comedy Central would be a steal for the network.They’ve both proven adept at political satire at SNL and could offer an interesting middle ground between The Daily Show and Comedy Central’s other late night show @Midnight.

Mooney and Bennett have arguably the most unique voices on TV. Their SNL digital shorts have been one of few bright spots from SNL’s lackluster season. Bringing them from SNL to Comedy Central would be a steal for the network. They’ve both proven adept at political satire at SNL and could offer an interesting middle ground between The Daily Show and Comedy Central’s other late night show @Midnight. 

2. Phillip DeFranco

Phillip DeFranco

DeFranco’s News show The Phillip DeFranco Show is very popular online, and he has the versatility to cover serious issues as well as absurd comedic stories. Though there is almost zero chance of DeFranco landing the gig, I could seriously see him doing very well as host. Plus his built in YouTube audience would undoubtedly follow him to television. It would be a good move for DeFranco too: branching out to TV would give more exposure his other news venture, SourceFed. 

3. Tracy Morgan

Tracy MorganC’mon, we would all watch this. Hearing Morgan’s unfiltered thoughts on the issues of the day would be must-see TV. Remember the Larry King episode of 30 Rock? Now imagine that happening every night. Yeah, this show would be awesome.

4. Retta


Retta is currently killing it on NBC’s Parks and Recreation as Donna, but she could be one incredible talk show host after Parks ends. Don’t believe me, just check out her twitter. Whether she would be as good at political satire as she is at live tweeting Sherlock is a mystery, but I’d sure like to find out. Retta would also be the only woman with a late night show (Chelsea Lately is wrapping up this year), and one of only two African Americans in the late night game (The other being Arsenio Hall). The Late Night genre is in desperate need of diversity and different viewpoints, and Retta would bring both.

5. Jim Rash

Jim Rash

Jim Rash has been stealing scenes for years as the eccentric Dean Pelton on NBC’s Community, but his talents go far beyond just wearing silly costumes and hitting on Joel McHale. Rash is an accomplished writer and director. He won an Oscar for writing The Descendants and his directorial debut The Way Way Back was one of the better movies I saw last year. Rash’s writing skills along with his charm could make him just the right man to continue the whip-smart satire of The Colbert Report. He’s been due for a breakout role for quite sometime, and a show like this could make him a household name. There would have to be a clause in his contract where he could leave and film Community’s sixth season and eventual movie, thats priority number one.

6. Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt

You might not know Patton Oswalt, but I’m betting your familiar with his work. He’s guest starred on almost every TV show you can think of. He famously filibustered the Pawnee City Counsel on Parks and Rec,  and antagonized Jake Peralta as a Fire Marshall Boone on Brooklyn Nine Nine. He has also appeared on Community, Justified, Agents of Shield, Two and A Half Men, and Bored To Death. Oswalt comedic talents are there, and his twitter has never been short on Political satire. Oswalt can’t just be a glorified guest star forever, soon or later he’ll have a show of his own. Why not a late night show?

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